Daily Vlog YouTubers I’m Addicted Too

Hi, I hope this post makes your day a little better. In my previous blog entry I talked about my top five favorite beauty channels that are worth checking out. So continuing with this theme lets talk about daily vlog channels that are really addicting to watch. SacconeJolys- Starting this off is the SacconeJolys Channel, who if… Continue reading Daily Vlog YouTubers I’m Addicted Too

My Perfect Wedding Dress Minus The Purple Part

+ Mila Kunis at the Oscars dressed in Elie Saab looked absolutely perfect. This look is a great example of the right hair, makeup and dress altogether that create magic. In my opinion since Mila dawned this dress there has only been a handful of other celebrities that got it this right (another blog post to come). I kept thinking about that purple… Continue reading My Perfect Wedding Dress Minus The Purple Part

Ridiculously Great Haircut

For the past few years I’ve been obsessing over Ginnifer Goodwin’s hair choices. I admire her willingness to stray from the norm and opt for a short haircut. I’ve come close to the big chop but at the last moment I couldn’t surrender my long hair. Thus I’ve created this post to further deliberate over this subject.… Continue reading Ridiculously Great Haircut