Movies To Watch When Your Having A Bad Day

I hope everyone had a great weekend, unfortunately for me Monday couldn’t roll around fast enough. My inspiration for this post came from the last crappy few days. So lets just get into my list of movies to watch when your not feeling awesome.

Pacific Rim- In defense of this movie it’s good to watch when your not willing to invest a lot of effort into paying attention. This CGI fest is mind numbing in a good way, I tend to put this movie on and let it play in the background. The general premise of Pacific Rim is monsters battling robots with a really attractive lead actor.

Vampire Academy- I can’t really defend this movie, its definitely cringe inducing to watch. That being said I’ve seen Vampire Academy over a handful of times (a bit embarrassing to admit). This is a movie to play when there’s nothing to watch on Netflix or when making a decision is just to hard.

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist- This is a must watch movie period.

The Mummy Returns- Dare I say is a “classic” due to the fact this franchise is currently being rebooted. In my opinion the second movie was better overall then the first minus the third act. I recommend this movie for the nostalgia factor, set design and laughable special effects.

The Other Woman- I’ll admit its a bad movie in the good kind of way. Leslie Mann’s character for me saves this production from being unwatchable. Overall the plot doesn’t take itself to seriously which makes it funny to watch.

Because I Said So- One of my most loved movies to watch when feeling happy or sad. Mandy Moore never seems to amaze me with her acting ability. I sincerely believe she deserves to be acting in more films. In my opinion Because I Said So is a defiant underrated movie.

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