Beauty YouTubers I’m Addicted Too

Over the past six years the beauty community of YouTube has exploded. I vividly remember the days when searching for a review of a beauty product wasn’t easy. Fast track to today you can virtually search for any beauty product and multiple video reviews pop up. So without further ado here is my list of the Beauty YouTubers I have consistently followed for years.

Photo Credit- Tati Westbrook Instagram

Tati (GlamLifeGuru)- Tati at the moment is on top of her game. Her channel has become really popular in part to her WTF series. What makes Tati a favorite is that she reviews all kinds of beauty products all the time. It also helps that her personality is really sweet and she has a supportive fiance who’s really funny.

Photo Credit-Fleur De Force Instagram

Fleur De Force- Fleur De Force was the first Beauty YouTuber I discovered six years ago. She started her channel after college and has evolved herself into a beauty brand. I enjoy watching her content because she is down to earth, sweet and funny. Also just listening to her British accent I find very relaxing.

Photo Credit- MakeupBy TiffanyD Instagram

MakeupByTiffanyD- Tiffany’s channel some might say belongs in the og club. I love watching her because shes not trying to impress anybody. Tiffany speaks her mind about products she loves and doesn’t love. Her sense of style I would envy if she wasn’t so darn likable.


Anna Saccone- Anna’s channel consists of beauty and lifestyle which is part of a larger channel called the SacconeJolys, a daily vlog that deserves an individual post. I continue to watch Anna because she doesn’t hold anything back, essentially making her life an open book.

Photo Credit- Thrift Thick Instagram

Thrift Thick- Cassie’s channel is the newest to my list and one of my favorites. She is relatively new to the beauty community and is gaining popularity quick. I enjoy watching Cassie because she feels like a friend and the most normal person on YouTube. Its endearing to hear her say she doesn’t consider herself a “guru” but she is defiantly one in my eyes. Recently she has started a phase of self discovery and improvement in her life that is addicting to watch and inspiring to follow.

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