Movies To Watch When Your Having A Bad Day

I hope everyone had a great weekend, unfortunately for me Monday couldn’t roll around fast enough. My inspiration for this post came from the last crappy few days. So lets just get into my list of movies to watch when your not feeling awesome. Pacific Rim- In defense of this movie it’s good to watch when your not… Continue reading Movies To Watch When Your Having A Bad Day

Top 5 Expensive Beauty Products To Buy

Good Morning Everyone.  Today we are talking about expensive beauty products I want to buy after watching Tati Westbrook (GlamLifeGuru) reviews. If you haven’t heard of Tati Westbrook then I recommend checking her out. My most thought about beauty product to eventually buy is GUERLAIN L’Or Pure Radiance Face Primer for $81.00 cad. The primer boasts… Continue reading Top 5 Expensive Beauty Products To Buy

Daily Vlog YouTubers I’m Addicted Too

Hi, I hope this post makes your day a little better. In my previous blog entry I talked about my top five favorite beauty channels that are worth checking out. So continuing with this theme lets talk about daily vlog channels that are really addicting to watch. SacconeJolys- Starting this off is the SacconeJolys Channel, who if… Continue reading Daily Vlog YouTubers I’m Addicted Too

Beauty YouTubers I’m Addicted Too

Over the past six years the beauty community of YouTube has exploded. I vividly remember the days when searching for a review of a beauty product wasn’t easy. Fast track to today you can virtually search for any beauty product and multiple video reviews pop up. So without further ado here is my list of the Beauty… Continue reading Beauty YouTubers I’m Addicted Too

The Pregnancy Style of Blake Lively

Over the past few weeks Blake Lively has been showing up everywhere promoting her various movies. Photos of Blake leaving her New York hotel multiple times a day are all over the internet. I haven’t been able to help but notice her outfit choices have been very hit or miss. I myself have never had the experience of dressing a baby bump. I… Continue reading The Pregnancy Style of Blake Lively

When Stylist Get It Right

I’m always disappointed to see when a star has a massive red carpet fail as shown in the below photos. Being that there is usually a style team behind them with access to resources mere mortals could only dream of. Instead of condemning the fashion fails lets celebrate some fashion wins. Megan Fox – To date my favorite… Continue reading When Stylist Get It Right

My Perfect Wedding Dress Minus The Purple Part

+ Mila Kunis at the Oscars dressed in Elie Saab looked absolutely perfect. This look is a great example of the right hair, makeup and dress altogether that create magic. In my opinion since Mila dawned this dress there has only been a handful of other celebrities that got it this right (another blog post to come). I kept thinking about that purple… Continue reading My Perfect Wedding Dress Minus The Purple Part